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Vertical Inline Pump – Type: AVS

Operating range
Capacity : upto 1800 Cum/hr.
Head in Mts. : 100 Mts
Temperature : upto 100`C
Working Pressure : uoto 16 Kg/Cm`2
Speed in RPM : 1500 Max.
Vertical Cantilever Pump

AVS Heavy duty vertical slurry pumps to handle coal, ash, cement, sand and other slurry service. Single shaft design with special MOC of wetted parts in Hard chrome steel, Ni hard etc.

Application Vertical pumps are most critical pumps for the application where the liquid to be pumped from sump pit, reservoir, point, etc without any priming problem. Also it protects the atmosphere as ter is no leakage. Also required less ground space as the motor said is vertical orientation. No need for permanent civil foundation arrangement.

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